It has been shown that the care of the conditions of environmental comfort is of fundamental importance for the wellbeing of people, whether they are workers who have to spend an entire day in the workplace and therefore, to perform their tasks in the best possible way, they must be put in the best conditions also from this point of view, be they customers, visitors or in any case external users, who have the right to be welcomed in comfortable environments.

The reclamation of an environment always involves the use of certain quantities of energy, whether the environment must be cooled and dehumidified, whether it must simply be heated or kept at a constant temperature.

In the current situation of high energy cost, it is imperative to increase the general yields of the plants without neglecting the objectives of environmental well-being.

Notes on the system

The AMX system is an innovative air diffusion system that is used in air conditioning, heating and ventilation systems. Its versatility, the different models and colors available, the use of fireproof materials, allow its installation in both civil and industrial environments.

The AMX system is the result of research carried out by a group of Italian technicians, charged with studying an air distribution system to be inserted in an energy recovery plant. After examining various solutions, the study leads to the choice of using a perforated duct, with the aim of obtaining a uniform distribution of the air to pressurize a plenum.

Subsequently one of the technicians of the group decides to exploit this system for applications in energy recovery, heating, air conditioning and ventilation systems, improving the technology and experimenting the use of new materials.

Thus the AMX system was born. In a first phase the system is marketed by a plant engineering company, obtaining important orders from large industrial groups. This period allows us to perfect the system by custom-tailoring each application.

In 2018 the company AMX ITALIA was born not only for the design and manufacture of an improved system, but to project this revolutionary technology to a wider and more diversified public, touching sectors that up until now were unthinkable in traditional plant engineering.