On this page you can download the complete technical manual of the innovative AMX air diffuser.

The AMX System guarantees ideal conditions of environmental well-being.

Taking care of environmental comfort conditions is of fundamental importance for the well-being of the people who live in or frequent a given environment.

Temperature, relative humidity and air speed, together with the level of noise and brightness, are the factors that most influence the level of comfort.

AMX is an innovatively designed air diffusion system which finds application in air conditioning, heating and ventilation systems.

Its characteristics of versatility, the different types and colors available, the use of fireproof materials, allow it to be installed in both civil and industrial environments.

The AMX system was designed to overcome the technical limitations present in traditional systems, ducted and non-ducted, and obtain the maximum levels of comfort, getting as close as possible to the ideal conditions of environmental well-being.

The systems on the market are based on two different theoretical models of the introduction of air into an environment:

• the perfect mixing model
It hypothesizes the achievement of conditions of well-being through an instantaneous and perfect mixing of the air introduced into the environment with the air already present, with a consequent uniform distribution of speed and temperature and the same concentration of pollutants;

• the perfect displacement model (also called piston model)
It hypothesizes the achievement of conditions of well-being through the exchange of the air present in the room with the air introduced, which as it moves forms a compact front and replaces the present air.

The operation of the AMX system is based on the high induction model, an elaboration of the perfect mixing model.

The term induction means the effect by which a jet of air “called primary air” coming out of an opening, hole or nozzle, launched at high speed manages to move a volume of ambient air “called secondary air or induced” N times greater than its own (induction ratio).

The AMX System applies these principles to a diffuser made of airtight fabric, installed directly in the room to be air-conditioned, joined by a certain number of calibrated holes along its entire surface at regular and pre-set distances, specifically sized for each application, from which the treated air comes out.

AMX has developed its know-how through laboratory tests and surveys on pilot plants, studying non-isothermal free jets with a compact geometric shape, created by circular section holes; highlighting the phenomena observed and creating mathematical models which today are the basis of the calculation programs of the diffusers.

The design according to the characteristics of a specific system allows to obtain:

the correct size of the jet,
• the exact casting speed,
• the precise path of the jet,
• the best compromise between the two theoretical models
 of air emission into the environment.

The AMX System thus guarantees the ideal conditions of environmental comfort, with maximum temperature uniformity, in the absence of drafts and reducing the physical phenomenon of stratification, for any type of heating, air conditioning or climate control system.

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