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Air Diffusion Systems

- Since 1980 -

AMX System

The AMX system is not simply a duct, but an innovative air diffusion system. Effective and convenient, it guarantees maximum environmental comfort with significant energy savings. It is used in all civil and industrial heating, air conditioning and ventilation systems.

The affirmation of the AMX system on all markets is the confirmation of a winning philosophy, in which innovation and technology are the main tools to propose the best solutions and optimize costs, in any sector.

The Duct

The AMX duct custom designed for each specific need, allows to satisfy the conditions of air speed and temperature uniformity, guaranteeing the required comfort conditions, overcoming the technical limits imposed by traditional systems.

The AMX system applies this principle to a diffuser made of air-tight fabric, installed directly in the room to be air-conditioned, equipped with a certain number of holes calibrated along its entire surface of the duct, sized according to the know-how developed in over 35 years of research activity, specific in the field of air distribution and air conditioning of environments.

Leader for its benefits

  • Maximum comfort in the rooms

  • Temperature uniformity in both heating and cooling

  • Reduction of the physical phenomenon of heat stratification

  • Significant savings in energy consumption

  • Absence of air currents

  • Better air homogeneity, without suspended dust

  • Rapid commissioning

  • Maximum operating silence

  • Reliability over time

  • Flexibility in use

Leader for its advantages

  • Highly competitive cost

  • Excellent value for money

  • Less amount of ducts for the volume of the environment

  • High aesthetic appearance

  • No need for insulation

  • It does not generate condensation

  • It does not require design by the installer

  • Simple and quick to install

  • Drastic reduction of storage and transportation costs

  • Possibility to carry out interventions on site

  • Non-existent maintenance

  • Wide range of diameters for all air flow rates

  • Wide color range available

  • Maintenance of product characteristics over the years

Customized aesthetics

All the ducts are designed and manufactured completely tailor-made, allowing you to manage any type of aesthetic or installation requirements. Our high capacity to handle particular shapes, combined with the high technical characteristics of the fabrics used, allow us to obtain the best solutions in economic and performance terms, in any environment and for any technological process.

Guaranteed performance

The company guarantees the performance of its ducts at a predetermined distance.
In terms of air speed and temperature uniformity according to the UNI 10339 standard.


Safe and Certified for every environment




Application fields

Air diffusion in zones

Diffusion of saturated air or supersaturation

Air diffusion for small volumes

Air diffusion for large heights

Air diffusion for dust-free environments

Air diffusion for drying processes

Air diffusion for seasoning environments

Air diffusion inside open false ceilings

Air diffusion for the elimination of condensation

Diffusion of high air flow rates at low speed

Air diffusion for large volume environments

Air diffusion for rooms with high acoustic comfort

Diffusion of small air flows at high temperature

Air diffusion for environments with high density of crowding

Air diffusion to recover heat dispersed in the environment

Air diffusion for environments with high aesthetic characteristics

Air diffusion for the elimination of localized air currents

Air diffusion for environments with high thermal load

Air diffusion for a rapid anti-freeze operation

Air diffusion for recovery at low temperature from the heat produced by technological processes

Air diffusion in environments with controlled, constant and homogeneous thermo-hygrometric conditions

Air diffusion for complete control of air speeds, in environments or on products and processes

Air diffusion to compensate for forced extraction (sandblasting, painting, smoke evacuation, etc.)

Diffusion of ambient air for the de-stratification, with high exchange between the air in the low and high part of the building

“ Life is in the air ”